November 20th – November 22nd 2020 Paul Ricard

Not a good start to the weekend, finished 13th in qualifying. Finished P11 in race 1, P10 in race 2 and P11 in race 3. This was the last racing weekend of this crazy 2020 roller coaster season. I have learned so much, thanks to my coach Denis Plichet. I'm grateful to my parents who gave me this incredible opportunity to drive in such cars. I am also grateful of the amazing mechanics and engineers at the FFSA Academy and finally for all the support I have gotten from my fans, sponsors, friends and family. This has been one of the biggest highlights of my life and I hope there will be many more to come.

Even though I didn’t get the results I wanted, I feel that I have grown not only as a driver but also as a person. These ups and downs have shown me that a learning curve does not always go up. This goes with any sport or activity. And I have learned that sometimes you have to be patient with yourself and the speed you learn instead of putting pressure on it. I’ve learned that you need to be strong in the difficult moments and learn from them to come back stronger. But also savor the good moments.

This season was a roller coaster for me and even though I didn’t always get the results, I still feel that I have savored it. Got a trophy for vice junior in the French F4 2020 Championship which I'm proud of. I will continue to push whether it’s in racing or something else! This has been an unforgettable experience!

November 13th – November 15th 2020 Paul Ricard

The fuel pump of my car gave in so I couldn't finish the free practice unfortunately. Started off well in race 1 finishing 10th which meant a pole position in race 2. The first one in my racing career! I kept on having mechanical problems with my car so we changed cars altogether before race 2. A difficult start in the new car so I was unable to keep my first position. In lap 2 I made a mistake and spun. On a positive note: I had good speed, not far off from the rest of the group. Very disappointed that I finished last. Finished 12th in race 3.

October 16th – October 18th 2020 Spa Francorchamps

Truly enjoyed the experience of racing on this fantastic track. Finished 12th in race 1, 9th in race 2 and unfortunately 14th in race 3.

October 2nd – October 4th 2020 Paul Ricard

Qualifying in the pouring rain wasn't easy: ended up thirteenth. During race one we went out on slicks while the track was still quite wet, tricky conditions. I went from P13 > P12. In race 2 I started P12 and finished P7. Good speed but my front wing got damaged by a small collision with another driver, which slowed me down in the turns. Still very happy with the result!
Race 3: I took too long to get up to speed and a damaged tire didn’t help. From P13 > P11.
I will continue to work hard to make sure that I’m ready for the next race in Spa. A big thank you to my parents, to my coach Denis Plichet, my sponsors, to my followers for being there during the hard times too and to my mechanic Amine for all the hard work this weekend!

September 25th – September 27th 2020 Zandvoort

A tough weekend... made a mistake during the first race which resulted in a DNF. During the second race someone drove right into me which caused so much damage to the car that I couldn't finish that race either. Fortunately I was able to finish race number three, but looking forward to better results during the next race!

September 11th – September 13th 2020 Magny-Cours

Only got a few laps out of the first two practices because of lots of technical problems with the car. Spent more time in the pits than on the track. I missed out on important time on the track... The third practice went better fortunately. Race 1: from P13 to P11, race 2 from P11 to P13 and race 3 from P12 to P10! I learned a lot and I've been making progress. Also very happy with the 7th fastest lap time in race 3!

August 21st – August 23rd 2020 Nogaro

The afternoon’s first race didn’t start off well, with another driver damaging my tire and my car being stuck in 6th gear the whole race. I managed to finish but ended up last. Unfortunately I had to replace the tire with one from the free practice, so during the second race it took a long time to be able to overtake. I managed to overtake two cars, ending up 11th. Tough first day, but happy with the progress.

During the final I managed to end up 8th, which meant I got my first points! Can’t wait for the next race, I’ll keep pushing!